About Us



Crown Valet’s customized services began in downtown Fort Myers with the Community Redevelopment Agency of Fort Myers in February 2012, after recognizing an opportunity to become an integral part of the continued growth and success of the revitalization efforts.

What was initially a 90-day trial period has evolved into nearly three years of successful valet services. Recognizing that a formal contract had not been finalized between Crown Valet and City of Fort Myers, local merchants saw the immediate value in the customer-driven focus that Crown provided. With that, a creative solution was developed to lead the future path of valet services downtown.

With commitments from several downtown merchants that saw the value in valet services, there was a realization that the current downtown demand would likely not financially support year round valet. Dedicated to becoming a key member in the business community, Crown and several merchants agreed to a structure that would benefit all, and most importantly, visitors of the River District.This agreement not only allowed Crown Valet to maintain staffing downtown throughout the year, but also provided the merchants a much more affordable valet services program than typically offered.

Crown Valet provides:

  • Year-round valet
  • Ticket validation
  • Fixed $15 general parking fee for non-validated customers on routine evenings
  • Affordability for merchants
  • Consistency for downtown customers
  • Security & safety observation on downtown streets
  • Vested merchant member of downtown in Crown Valet

Nearly three years after beginning, Crown Valet still operates as agreed upon in the initial 90-day trial period. They utilize three of the seven valet stand locations approved, and continue to utilize the first floor parking deck of the Main Street Garage and Harborside parking lot. Various other parking areas are used in agreement as various event demands merit.

It is also noteworthy that Crown’s unique “Park & Walk” system, proven to be a huge success, was created to provide the greatest benefit to all downtown merchants and evolved from this partnership program that Crown and the merchants have created. It is also important to note that Crown has operated monthly, year round, since opening, without financial assistance from the City of Fort Myers or the Community Redevelopment Agency.

Although Crown Valet, by incorporation date of January 2012, is a relatively young company in name, its leadership team is well-seasoned in the valet and parking industry.

Ms. Schultz, President and Owner/Operator, was born and raised in the valet and parking industry learning from her father, Art Schultz, original founder of Gold Star Parking Services, and pioneer of valet and parking programs in South Florida. Becoming a seasoned veteran at an early age, she paused from the industry to earn a degree from Florida State in psychology, while also serving as an intern for then Governor Jeb Bush. Her skills served her well when she later earned an internship with the City of Miami Beach Tourism Director, Michael Aller, only to be followed by a role as the Group Sales Manager for the Hilton Miami Airport. Longing to return to the valet industry she had spent her life in, Dannielle later relocated to Tampa to rejoin her father prior to expanding into her own company in downtown Fort Myers.

Mr. Finkel brings a long record of successful entrepreneurship that has been paramount in the success of Crown. Combining his skills for business leadership, mentoring, and program development, he oversees all staff training, including the Customer Service Management Training Program and the 5 Point Program for vehicle inspection and care. Mr. Finkel is also directing leadership of technology and innovation, and is currently working with Crown’s professional IT consultant on evaluating various phone apps and payment methods, as well as tracking software to be utilized in conjunction with merchant partners.’

In support of both superb customer service and the family-roots of Crown, Ms. Schultz and Mr. Finkel are assisted by Mr. Art Schultz, original founder of Gold Star Parking Systems, Inc. Mr. Schultz serves as the Company Advisor and maintains a hands-on role in the management and service of Crown. Founding Gold Star 35 years ago in Miami Beach and leading it to the largest and most successful valet company in South Florida, Mr. Schultz ‘s expertise is invaluable in customizing the services provided historic downtown Fort Myers, and in guiding successful municipal valet and parking programs.

Under his leadership, he has held numerous municipal parking and valet contracts, as well as assisted a number of high profile and highly populated venues and locations in the development of their comprehensive parking plans, including:

  • City of Miami
  • City of Miami Beach
  • City of Coral Springs
  • City of Tampa
  • City of Coconut Grove Convention Center
  • City of Coral Springs
  • Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
  • Broward County

Since creation of Crown Valet in historic downtown Fort Myers, their quality customer service, best business practices, and can-do approach has led to great success and allowed them to expand throughout Lee County, including a roster of well-known venues and events. Here is a list of some of our currant and former clients:

  • Heitman House*
  • Harborside*
  • SBDAC*
  • Edison Restaurant*
  • Nauti Turtle
  • Germain Arena*
  • Barbara B Mann*
  • Cape Coral Yacht Club*
  • The Boathouse*
  • Freedom Fest*
  • New Year’s Eve*
  • Zombicon*
  • Fort Myers Boat Show*
  • InkLife*
  • Imaginarium Cherish Gala*
  • Hope Hospice, A Night of Hope Gala*
  • CCMI, Becoming Cosmo*
  • CCMI Soup Kitchen at Galloway Ford*
  • Arts for ACT Gala*
  • Dr. Piper Center*
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Prayer Breakfast*
  • Edison Pageant King and Queen Ball*
  • Edison Pageant Coronation Ball*
  • Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade*
  • ArtFest VIP*
  • Boys and Girls Club of Lee County
  • Night with the Red Sox at JetBlue Park*
  • FGCU College of Hospitality*
  • Fowler White & Boggs*
  • UBS Financial*

* Indicates repeat events/venues serviced.

Despite their successful growth, Crown Valet remains dedicated and passionate for their origins, historic downtown Fort Myers.